Contact Cables the Cable Specialists

Contact Cables the Cable Specialists With 25+ years of experience in the cable industry Contact Cables consider themselves experts when it comes to helping customers with their cable applications. The teams experience comes from working across many different industries and applications and has often come from crawling around a machine or production line getting down […]

High Flex Drag Chain Cables

High Flex Drag Chain Cables There are lots of different industry names for cables required in repeat motion applications ie those applications where a cable is moving in a single axis of motion either vertical or horizontal so we will try and help break the confusion on these cables in this post. Every manufacturer has […]

Highly Flexible Drag Chain Cables

Highly Flexible Drag Chain Cables – Contact Cables Ltd are able to offer an extensive range of cables suitable to high flexing repeat motion in both single motion axis movement and robot chains suitable to twisting and torsion. Our extensive Unika range of these cables covers cables from low to high flexing and includes PVC […]


 Suppliers of Lapp cables , Unika cables , Helu cables , Belden cable ,Alpha Wire , 3M cables, ships cables, UL approved Cables, WRAS approved cables. Contact Cables is more than just a supplier of cable, we have over 25 years of industry experience in the supply of cables to meet our customers specific application […]