Contact Cables the Cable Specialists


Contact Cables the Cable Specialists

With 25+ years of experience in the cable industry Contact Cables consider themselves experts when it comes to helping customers with their cable applications. The teams experience comes from working across many different industries and applications and has often come from crawling around a machine or production line getting down and dirty with the customers requirement.

The team has worked on projects involving food & beverage markets where wash down and chemicals & moisture are all factors , Car plants where high flexing dynamic and robotic applications cause major issue if the wrong cables are selected . Electrical and electronic applications where size , dimensions and materials are all critical , Machine builders who have grown their businesses into the American & Canadian markets and now need a complete re think to the cables they have on their equipment to ensure it’s suitability to the U.S standards.

You name it the chances are we have experienced the application or environment and can assist you in selecting the right cable for the job and as we are independent we can select from the best manufacturing partner to suit your needs, with strategic global partnerships we can ensure a regional cable can meet your needs.

Where an off the shelf solution cannot be found we look to work even closer with customers to design and manufacture a bespoke cable solution that fulfills there requirements , This could be unique colour codes , sheath colours or materials , individual printing to represent the customers details or part numbers on the cable sheath to assist them in building a spares & repairs market for their cables.

The most important part of this process is listening to our customers so we can fully understand what they are trying to achieve and blending that with our experience to ask questions they often haven’t even considered to deliver the cable that’s perfect for their needs.  So if you have a new or existing cable application that’s causing you problems then please contact our sales team on 0044(0)1480 861348 or email them on