Belden Cables

Belden Cables , Genuine Belden Cables covering 8723,8728 ,8761,8760,8777,9501,9502, 9503 , 9510, 9841,9913 3084A ,3082A ranges from Contact Cables Ltd.


 Suppliers of Lapp cables , Unika cables , Helu cables , Belden cable ,Alpha Wire , 3M cables, ships cables, UL approved Cables, WRAS approved cables. Contact Cables is more than just a supplier of cable, we have over 25 years of industry experience in the supply of cables to meet our customers specific application […]

Making Customers Happy Since 2008

Making Customers Happy Since 2008 Here at Contact Cables we don’t believe customers should just be satisfied with their suppliers so customer satisfaction surveys are great and serve a purpose for our ISO procedure but customer satisfaction isn’t enough for us. Satisfaction suggests you doing just enough and our business has been build on doing […]


UL Cables , Wras Cables , Ships Cables , High Flex cables ,Servo cables , Encoder & Resolver Cables , YY,SY,CY,LIYCY, Def Stan, Belden,Alpha ,3M ,Bus cables