Making Customers Happy Since 2008


Making Customers Happy Since 2008

Here at Contact Cables we don’t believe customers should just be satisfied with their suppliers so customer satisfaction surveys are great and serve a purpose for our ISO procedure but customer satisfaction isn’t enough for us.

Satisfaction suggests you doing just enough and our business has been build on doing more , going that extra mile to ensure our customers are happy not just satisfied in the products and service we deliver. We want to be a valuable asset to them and a partner not just a supplier, Working closely with all aspects of their business.

How do we do more ?

So what do we do that ensures we do more than be satisfactory ? Its the little things they seem to make a big difference to our customers:

  • Picking up the phone and talking to them rather than just sending emails
  • Assisting them at design stages to select the right cables for their application
  • Holding time critical stocks in our UK location
  • Adding customers part numbers to both invoices / delivery notes and products
  • Sending customer tracking numbers automatically when goods are shipped so they can track them
  • Using a delivery company that delivers within a 2 hour delivery window
  • Monitoring stock levels to be proactive in identifying peaks in usage to prevent stock out situations
  • Offering special manufacture items to customer specific requirements

We are more than just a supplier..

Many of our customers have been with us since the start of the Contact Cables journey in 2008 and the fact that our customers have been trading with us for 12 years confirms we must be doing something right in a world where companies can globally source products at the click of a mouse. We understand our customers individual needs and requirements and cater our service to ensure we deliver a personalized service for them.

What can we do for you ?

In a world where customers are just a number and inconvenience to some suppliers why not try something different and experience the Contact Cables personal service. Why not give your business to a company who appreciates every order and build a mutually beneficial trading experience.

Call our sales team now on 0044 (0) 1480 861348 to start that conversation