Selecting the right UL Cable



Selecting the right UL Cable

We are often approached by customers in the UK who have been supplying equipment into the UK / European markets for many years using British standard or CE approved products but now find themselves looking towards the American / Canadian markets to increase sales. This is often a very lengthy process as they look to convert all these cables to cables with UL approvals but where do you start when these are just some of the approved cables you might need ?

UL cable standards 

UL / CSA / cUL /ULc/ Tray rated / EC-TR / SOOW / SJT /SVT/ SJOOW /SJEOW / SEOW/ TXL / SXL /

But how do you choose the cables that are right for you and how do you convert across all of the cables you currently require to conform to the American markets , the simple answer is let us do it for you .. That’s right at Contact Cables Ltd our dedicated team are experienced in helping you to convert your requirements and offer you the best off the shelf solutions to your cable requirements.

Let Contact Cables help in the right cable selection 

We have assisted many customers completely change their cable portfolios to UL requirements , We then ensure those cables are held in the UK to support a quick turn around after all it’s no good us specifying a cable on an 8 week lead time and a large minimum order quantity.

So if you are working on a cross over project then why not give our team a call on 0044 1480 861348 or email them on and they will be more than happy to help.