Alpha® Wire & Cable

Alpha wire and cable -The full range of Alpha® Wire and cable products. Alpha Wire the world’s leading wire & cable ranges includes Xtra-Guard ®

Belden Cables

Belden Cables , Genuine Belden Cables covering 8723,8728 ,8761,8760,8777,9501,9502, 9503 , 9510, 9841,9913 3084A ,3082A ranges from Contact Cables Ltd.

Bus Cables

Bus Cables , Devicenet Thick & Thin , Profibus, Profibus DP, Interbus , Profinet , Can open bus, industrial Ethernet cables from Contact Cables Ltd.

Defence Standard Cable

Defence standard cables , Def Stan 61-12 part 4 & part 6 , BS4808, Def Stan 16-2-*A, 16-2-*C , 7-2-*A, 7-2*C, Multicore screened & unscreened cables

Electronic & Data Cables

Electronic data cables , liyy , liycy, liyy-tp, liycy-tp, par-tronic, UL2464 , UL2516 , Din47100 colour coding available from Contact Cables Ltd

EMV Cables

EMV cable – 2YSLYCY cables for reduced noise on ground core with 2YSLYCY the symmetrical disposal of the 3 phases minimizes electromagnetic flux

High Flex Cables

High flex cables , highly flexible cables ,dynamic power chain cables , flexible drag chain cables for repeat motion and robotic applications.FD drag chain.

Lift & Drum Reeling Cables

Lift & Drum Reeling Cables – NSHTOU cables for drum Reeling PUR / Rubber. Cables suitable for reeling and track systems and Lift applications.

Shipboard Cables

Beurau Veritas cables , Lloyd’s registered cables , Rina & ABS ships approval- Multicore Cables suitable for shipboard installations. Shipboard Cables

Tri-Rated Cables

Tri-Rated Cables to CSA type TEW , UL type AWM style 1015 ( incl. 1028,1283,1284) & BS6231 PVC Switchgear, Tri-Rated panel building wire -Contact Cables