Dirty Water Cables & Waste Water Immersion Cables


Dirty Water Cables & Waste Water Immersion Cables

Contact Cables are able to offer cables for dirty water & waste water immersion thanks to the Unika range of KU Aquamate series , These cables are particularly suitable for permanent installations and connections of submersible pumps into waters , they can also be installed in workplaces within dangerous areas.

This cable family is suitable for use in process water , cooling water , mine surface water , rain water & combined waste water. Under certain circumstances they can be suitable for ground water & sea water and in such case the cables can be used in depths down to 500 Mrs.

KU Aquamate can be used for underground laying as long as mechanically protected & adopting the installation criteria for flexible cables ( HD516) . If water at issue is aggressive or composed by particular substances then the cables resistance properties must be reviewed .

The cable complies with AD8 classification and is 600/1000v rated



If you would like any further assistance on this cable or have any technical questions then please contact the sales team directly by email at sales@contactcables.com or call 0044 1480 861348 where a member of the team will be able to help you further.